Senior Year

When I was a junior I felt that being a senior was long way to come. Watching the previous seniors graduate made me really wanted to be a senior quickly. I was focused more on graduating, but I forgot that being a senior comes with a lot of work. Finishing capstone, preparing for college, focusing on school work is just some of the things I must be doing in Senior year. Just thinking about all these things during the summer was stressful for me. Coming to school for the first day as a senior was a very interesting experience. The feeling that I have only one year left of being a highschooler is kind of  gloomy. This thought motivates me to try to do my best in senior year but also have the best time. Coming to senior year what I was most excited about was graduating. This may sound like I will not enjoy senior year, but graduating is the thing that I am looking forward to the most. My goals for Senior year is to do the best I could do in all my classes, but also focus on having the best senior year. One of the things I wanted to do was participate in school activities more often. This is my second year at ICS, so I haven’t been involved with a lot of school activities. I want to use my senior year to do more activities at school like joining a sport. Although this may only be my second year at ICS, but I feel that ICS has improved me in many ways. I want to use my senior year at ICS to make it one of the best school year as a highschool student.

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