East Asian Poem Analysis

Autumn Air

Autumn wind clear
Autumn moon bright
Fall leaves gather and scatter
Jackdaw perch again startle
Each think each see know what day
This hour this night hard be feeling
The autumn air is clear,
The autumn moon is bright.
Fallen leaves gather and scatter,
The jackdaw perches and starts anew.
We think of each other- when will we meet?
This hour, this night, my feelings are hard.


This poem is written by Li Bai. The first part of the poem talks about the autumn season. It explains how autumn feels because it talks about the wind, air, moon, and leaves. This poem has seven verses, but it doesn’t have a pattern of syllables. The fourth line of the poem starts talk about the emotions of the writer. This poem is hard to interpret because the english translation may not match the original language.

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