East Asian Poetry Analysis

From you return my home
Not ever sick of poor
Night reach every to midnight
Morning rice immediately after noon
Ten day nine eat pickle
One day possible have dried meat
East west eighteen years
Mutual with together sweet bitter
Set period hundred years love
How expect one evening go
Still remember limit reach time
Hold me not can speak
This body today although survive
End at together be earthAfter you came back to my home,
You never complained that we were poor.

Up till midnight every night,
We had our breakfast after noon.
Nine or ten days eating pickles,
Then one day we’d have dried meat.
East and west for eighteen years,
Together we shared both bitter and sweet.
Expecting a hundred years of love,
How could I know you’d go one evening?
I still remember that last hour,
You held me, but you could not speak.
Although this body yet survives,
Finally we’ll be dust together.

The cultural value that is shown in this poem is about family. The poem talks about the author and his wife having a tough life because they must suffer together. It shows that the family bond in asian culture is very strong. The poem talks about not leaving one another and sharing both bitter and sweet. This shows that the family bond is very strong, and we must not leave one another in hard times.

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