Teenage Rebellion

I think teenage rebellion is caused by when you want to find who you are as a person. A young person typically want to become who they are and asserts from what their parents like. Their thoughts can be influence by friends or society that they want to fit in. This causes problems between parents and teens because they don’t understand the perspective of each other. Rebellion usually is a behavior that is out the norms and is seen as bad by parents. Teenage rebellion can be dangerous because it might cause them to do things that are risky. The affect that teenage rebellion has on family is they can injure relationships and trust. In my opinion teenage rebellion can totally be avoidable. One way to do that is the parents must first talk to their child and try to understand their perspective. Understanding the child’s perspective will make the child less likely to rebel against their parents. Teenage rebellion can sometimes be a good way to transition from teenage years to adulthood. This will help the child really find their true self and learn from their mistakes. They may did something which their parents warned them about and their parent ending up being right. Teenage rebellion has play a big role in my coming of age journey because I have learned to listen to my parents. Sometimes when my parents ask me to do something I rebel against them by saying no. I learned that my parents want the best for me and whatever they told me to do will benefit myself. Now I learn from my mistakes and always listen to my parents because they want to best for me

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