Wars of Ideas

In my opinion being a religious fundamentalist is not a bad thing. Religious fundamentalist may believe that having a religion be the most conservative is the best way. Some may also believe that the religion that is purely based on a certain scripture is the best thing to belief in. In my opinion, we shouldn’t judge someone from what they believe in and we should always be open minded to accept the ideas from others. We should go about confronting fundamentalist and extremist by trying to understand why they have that view point and trying to understand their belief more than questioning them. I think that an ideal perspective that everyone should have whether what you believe is not morals but if our actions might harm others. We should judge our actions by asking if it’s hurting others. If the answer is yes you should consider your action to be wrong disregarding any thing you believe in. Although I think being open minded is the best, but one thing we can all agree on is having a certain line that everybody knows right from wrong. I think the value that is most important in the 21st century is being open minded towards people who belief something differently than you. Doing this can make you have less conflicts with other and make others feel comfortable to talk to you.

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