Poetry Analysis

Screen Shot 2561-11-22 at 11.36.15 PM.png

This poem telling how the narrator is thinking about the war that is happening. It shows the emotions of the narrator of how he or she feels about the war finally coming. The word choice in the first paragraph show how the narrator is relieved that the war is finally here. It is as if the narrator is thinking that the war should quickly come and finally be over. The poem talks about the war blocking out peace and hurting the helpless innocence. It shows how the narrator is sympathetic towards the people, while also experiencing the struggles.

In the second part of the poem it talks about how God is here to help us through all the sufferings. Although, we might be suffering God is will always help us through the hardships. I think the second part talks about how humans struggle during war times and the emotions of people during the time. The emotions of the people that are mainly caused by the suffering during the war. The narrator is trying to mix his or her own experience with what other people experienced.

There are some comparisons that are in the poem. For example, the “Sandbag virtue” is a comparison to what is happening in real life. The narrator also uses a variety of words to explain the emotions of the people. I think this really made me understand more about how the people were feeling during the war time. We get to see the perspective of people that are experiencing the war during the time. This is like a valuable primary source for getting to know how people felt during the war.

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