Holocaust Survivors

I read about the two friends Sima and Pola. They were both raised in a traditional Jewish home and live comfortably. Everything changed when the Nazi invaded Poland. They were both forced to leave their homes and starved living in a tiny apartment. Sima was blonde and had light skin, so people didn’t know that she was Jewish. She use this to her advantage by smuggling some food to give her family members. Once, a German guard caught he stealing food and tried to make her confess that she is Jewish. The german guard ordered a German Shepard to attack her. Sima left her family and continue to struggle in her journey to freedom.

This story is a very memorable story to me because it shows the struggles that Sima had to face at a very young age. What you experience when you are young will shape you throughout your adulthood. I think Sima’s childhood has been scared by this experience. She was discriminated and tortured because of her own race and religion. I think it also show that a person must be very strong emotionally to overcome these experiences. Living a normal life after this experience must be very hard for her. It shows that during hard times your family will always be there for you and nothing can break family bond. As shown in her story she is always willing to smuggle food even though she had been caught and tortured. How painful must it be to see your family members starving although they never had done anything wrong. I think the family must have cried for help from God and tried their best in the situation.

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