No Way Out

The main focus of the book No Way Out focuses on the Boonma’s family sufferings. Our idea and causes of sufferings may be different due to that we are raised upon different worldview. I was raised in a buddhist family, which makes me believe that sufferings come is caused by Karma in the past life. Boonma shares the same beliefs as me, because he talks about what he did to deserve these sufferings. In my opinion we should cope with suffering by having a positive mindset. When you are suffering through something you should keep in mind that if you think you have reach rock bottom they only is to go up. There is nothing worst if you think what you are experiencing is the worst thing. Another thing we have to remember is we are not responsible for the sufferings that are in this life time. Although if you think you might have done something bad in this lifetime, it may mean that karma is coming to get you. We should keep in mind that everyone goes to a period of suffering, it is human nature. We can’t control what will happen in this lifetime, but we can control what happen in the future. Passing through the suffering and continuing to do good deeds will make you see true happiness. All of this is just a belief and idea that I was raised upon, but not everyone view about this topic is the same. screen shot 2562-01-29 at 9.33.18 pm

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