Blog #9

The social problem that I found most intriguing in this unit is how women are lead into prostitution. It is surprising how poverty can lead women to do such harmful acts to themselves. In my opinion, going into prostitution is like putting yourself in life or death situations. Women in prostitution has a higher chance of getting raped and physical abuse. This is a very prominent topic in Thailand, because of all the prostitution that is happening here. Reading the book No Way Out gave me a new perspective of why a women might want to go in to prostitution. The society, family, and many other situations may contribute for a women to might take the wrong path. I think society should change the view of prostitution. People should understand that sometimes they might not want to become a prostitute, but they have no choice. Before judging someone we should try to understand the choices they have or the circumstances they are in. There should be more laws regarding prostitution in Thailand. In my opinion prostitution in Thailand is so widespread that it seems like it’s legal even though it is not. Personally I think that prostitution in Thailand should become legal in order for it to be highly regulated. In many countries where prostitution is legal the industry is highly regulated. Not only does it make it safer for the prostitute but also the people who are using the services. In the case that prostitution becomes legal there will surely be less unreported case of rape or abuse in the sex industry.

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