Creative Writing “Many sides of a city”

Bangkok is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Unlike other big cities Bangkok has part of it that would be considered a rural area. In the outskirts of Bangkok you would find a more calmer atmosphere to the city. Bangkok is a very diverse city with visitors from all over the world. Making it one of the most visited tourist destination. In my opinion one the the most fascinating thing about Bangkok is the culture. The Thai culture can be expressed through many forms in the city of Bangkok. For example, in temples you can learn about the long history of Siam. Even on the streets where you could try traditional and authentic Thai cuisine. When tourists come visit Bangkok they get the full Thai culture experience just by going around the city. Although Thai culture is very prominent in the city of Bangkok, it is a very modernized place. With hundreds of tall buildings and world class architecture it shows different aspects of Bangkok.

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