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I think one of the main reason why people travel is to get new experiences. One of the things you would get from traveling to other places is getting to experience new culture. Every place where you travel have a different culture that is unique of the other places. One of the thing to always keep in mind when traveling is we must respect other cultures. Some cultures might have different values as us, so we should try our best to have prior knowledge about the place where we are traveling to. One example that I could think of about cultural differences is foreigners who come to Thailand. Many time when I would go to famous temples I would see tourist entering the temple with inappropriate clothing. This means that the person is having the skirt about their knees or wearing very open clothing. In Thai culture how we dress is a way to show respect to the place where we are going to. I understand that sometimes foreigners who travel to Thailand might not know this, but it can be prevented by doing prior research. Following the culture shows that you respect the people there and will make you have a more welcoming experience.

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