Human Rights

In my opinion, the most important human right is equality. We should all as people have the same treatment not caring about race, gender, personal beliefs, or sexual orientation. A society that has more equality people are more likely to succeed.  A study have shown that equality improves people overall liveability, productivity, and confidence. There are many acts and laws that protect people from inequality such as age discrimination, sex discrimination, racial discrimination, and disability discrimination. The human rights that I think is most likely to be withheld in the world today is freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a good thing for the people that want to express their opinions, but their opinions can also affect someone else. Somethings are meant to say to other people, it is hard to control what opinions people have.

I think the source of human rights is from the laws the people have agreed upon. The source of human rights are from United Nations Universal declaration of human rights. There are many treaties that state what are the human rights. I think each of the human rights should be universal no matter which part of the world your in. They should have representatives from each countries to decide on the laws. I also think they should constantly change it or make it better, because our society is constantly changing.


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