Blog #9

The social problem that I found most intriguing in this unit is how women are lead into prostitution. It is surprising how poverty can lead women to do such harmful acts to themselves. In my opinion, going into prostitution is like putting yourself in life or death situations. Women in prostitution has a higher chance of getting raped and physical abuse. This is a very prominent topic in Thailand, because of all the prostitution that is happening here. Reading the book No Way Out gave me a new perspective of why a women might want to go in to prostitution. The society, family, and many other situations may contribute for a women to might take the wrong path. I think society should change the view of prostitution. People should understand that sometimes they might not want to become a prostitute, but they have no choice. Before judging someone we should try to understand the choices they have or the circumstances they are in. There should be more laws regarding prostitution in Thailand. In my opinion prostitution in Thailand is so widespread that it seems like it’s legal even though it is not. Personally I think that prostitution in Thailand should become legal in order for it to be highly regulated. In many countries where prostitution is legal the industry is highly regulated. Not only does it make it safer for the prostitute but also the people who are using the services. In the case that prostitution becomes legal there will surely be less unreported case of rape or abuse in the sex industry.


No Way Out

The main focus of the book No Way Out focuses on the Boonma’s family sufferings. Our idea and causes of sufferings may be different due to that we are raised upon different worldview. I was raised in a buddhist family, which makes me believe that sufferings come is caused by Karma in the past life. Boonma shares the same beliefs as me, because he talks about what he did to deserve these sufferings. In my opinion we should cope with suffering by having a positive mindset. When you are suffering through something you should keep in mind that if you think you have reach rock bottom they only is to go up. There is nothing worst if you think what you are experiencing is the worst thing. Another thing we have to remember is we are not responsible for the sufferings that are in this life time. Although if you think you might have done something bad in this lifetime, it may mean that karma is coming to get you. We should keep in mind that everyone goes to a period of suffering, it is human nature. We can’t control what will happen in this lifetime, but we can control what happen in the future. Passing through the suffering and continuing to do good deeds will make you see true happiness. All of this is just a belief and idea that I was raised upon, but not everyone view about this topic is the same. screen shot 2562-01-29 at 9.33.18 pm

Holocaust Survivors

I read about the two friends Sima and Pola. They were both raised in a traditional Jewish home and live comfortably. Everything changed when the Nazi invaded Poland. They were both forced to leave their homes and starved living in a tiny apartment. Sima was blonde and had light skin, so people didn’t know that she was Jewish. She use this to her advantage by smuggling some food to give her family members. Once, a German guard caught he stealing food and tried to make her confess that she is Jewish. The german guard ordered a German Shepard to attack her. Sima left her family and continue to struggle in her journey to freedom.

This story is a very memorable story to me because it shows the struggles that Sima had to face at a very young age. What you experience when you are young will shape you throughout your adulthood. I think Sima’s childhood has been scared by this experience. She was discriminated and tortured because of her own race and religion. I think it also show that a person must be very strong emotionally to overcome these experiences. Living a normal life after this experience must be very hard for her. It shows that during hard times your family will always be there for you and nothing can break family bond. As shown in her story she is always willing to smuggle food even though she had been caught and tortured. How painful must it be to see your family members starving although they never had done anything wrong. I think the family must have cried for help from God and tried their best in the situation.

Poetry Analysis

Screen Shot 2561-11-22 at 11.36.15 PM.png

This poem telling how the narrator is thinking about the war that is happening. It shows the emotions of the narrator of how he or she feels about the war finally coming. The word choice in the first paragraph show how the narrator is relieved that the war is finally here. It is as if the narrator is thinking that the war should quickly come and finally be over. The poem talks about the war blocking out peace and hurting the helpless innocence. It shows how the narrator is sympathetic towards the people, while also experiencing the struggles.

In the second part of the poem it talks about how God is here to help us through all the sufferings. Although, we might be suffering God is will always help us through the hardships. I think the second part talks about how humans struggle during war times and the emotions of people during the time. The emotions of the people that are mainly caused by the suffering during the war. The narrator is trying to mix his or her own experience with what other people experienced.

There are some comparisons that are in the poem. For example, the “Sandbag virtue” is a comparison to what is happening in real life. The narrator also uses a variety of words to explain the emotions of the people. I think this really made me understand more about how the people were feeling during the war time. We get to see the perspective of people that are experiencing the war during the time. This is like a valuable primary source for getting to know how people felt during the war.


Throughout history nationalism has been shown in many different ways. Nationalism can be shown as an act of violence toward others who are not a part of their nation. Having loyalty and  allegiance to your nation can be a good thing, but thinking that your nation is more superior than other nations might be misleading. Having too much nationalism towards your nation can cause many bad things. For example, not realizing the flaws that your nation have. This may cause the nation to not improve politically or economically in the long run. People who are nationalist usually think they’re all above other people, so they usually insult people who don’t have the same ideas with them. This can cause conflicts among countries when they cannot agree on something. Being a nationalist can sometimes be a good thing if it’s just having pride in your nation. Having pride in your nation can lead to a more feeling of duty in the nation. In my opinion, nationalism is a good thing to have if your still accepting ideas from other nations not just your own.

Wars of Ideas

In my opinion being a religious fundamentalist is not a bad thing. Religious fundamentalist may believe that having a religion be the most conservative is the best way. Some may also believe that the religion that is purely based on a certain scripture is the best thing to belief in. In my opinion, we shouldn’t judge someone from what they believe in and we should always be open minded to accept the ideas from others. We should go about confronting fundamentalist and extremist by trying to understand why they have that view point and trying to understand their belief more than questioning them. I think that an ideal perspective that everyone should have whether what you believe is not morals but if our actions might harm others. We should judge our actions by asking if it’s hurting others. If the answer is yes you should consider your action to be wrong disregarding any thing you believe in. Although I think being open minded is the best, but one thing we can all agree on is having a certain line that everybody knows right from wrong. I think the value that is most important in the 21st century is being open minded towards people who belief something differently than you. Doing this can make you have less conflicts with other and make others feel comfortable to talk to you.

Teenage Rebellion

I think teenage rebellion is caused by when you want to find who you are as a person. A young person typically want to become who they are and asserts from what their parents like. Their thoughts can be influence by friends or society that they want to fit in. This causes problems between parents and teens because they don’t understand the perspective of each other. Rebellion usually is a behavior that is out the norms and is seen as bad by parents. Teenage rebellion can be dangerous because it might cause them to do things that are risky. The affect that teenage rebellion has on family is they can injure relationships and trust. In my opinion teenage rebellion can totally be avoidable. One way to do that is the parents must first talk to their child and try to understand their perspective. Understanding the child’s perspective will make the child less likely to rebel against their parents. Teenage rebellion can sometimes be a good way to transition from teenage years to adulthood. This will help the child really find their true self and learn from their mistakes. They may did something which their parents warned them about and their parent ending up being right. Teenage rebellion has play a big role in my coming of age journey because I have learned to listen to my parents. Sometimes when my parents ask me to do something I rebel against them by saying no. I learned that my parents want the best for me and whatever they told me to do will benefit myself. Now I learn from my mistakes and always listen to my parents because they want to best for me