Throughout history nationalism has been shown in many different ways. Nationalism can be shown as an act of violence toward others who are not a part of their nation. Having loyalty and  allegiance to your nation can be a good thing, but thinking that your nation is more superior than other nations might be misleading. Having too much nationalism towards your nation can cause many bad things. For example, not realizing the flaws that your nation have. This may cause the nation to not improve politically or economically in the long run. People who are nationalist usually think they’re all above other people, so they usually insult people who don’t have the same ideas with them. This can cause conflicts among countries when they cannot agree on something. Being a nationalist can sometimes be a good thing if it’s just having pride in your nation. Having pride in your nation can lead to a more feeling of duty in the nation. In my opinion, nationalism is a good thing to have if your still accepting ideas from other nations not just your own.

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